Happy Tulsi Tea
Happy Tulsi Tea
Happy Tulsi Tea

Happy Tulsi Tea

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Happy Tulsi is grown and late-summer harvested by Oshala Farm, a regenerative family farm in Jackson County, Oregon.

Since 2012, Big Heart Tea Co. has used tulsi, otherwise known as Holy Basil, as the primary herb base in its collection of healing, herbal teas. Tulsi is sacred in India, which has a rich history of growing, cultivating and celebrating the herb. 

Tulsi is a naturally sweet, adaptogenic herb from a cute flowering bush in the mint family. 


Big Heart Tea Co. is on a mission to make healing herbs and teas more fun and more accessible.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we mean serious business.
We vet every step of our supply chain so that you’re not just getting the best tea in the world (according to us), you are getting the best tea for the world.